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5 Signs You Might Need to Get Your Alternator Repaired

Alternators tend to be reliable on most vehicles, but the time does come when they break down and fail. When they do, you will probably experience one of the following symptoms:

Alternator Repair Auckland

  1. Your battery dies. A battery can fail for many different reasons, but you will be able to tell if it’s your alternator by either replacing the battery or jump starting the car. If the car dies again in a short period of time, the alternator is likely at fault.
  2. The battery warning light comes up on the dash. Again, this could come up for a few reasons, but if the alternator has failed this light will probably come on.
  3. Your headlights are dim or have issues. This is a common indicator that the battery is struggling to keep charge and is likely to be the fault of the alternator.
  4. Electrical components are playing up or having issues. Similar to the headlights, when other electrical components start having issues, that’s usually a sign that the battery is struggling to supply enough power, often caused by an alternator fault.
  5. Rattling, grinding or strange sounds coming from your engine. Odd noises coming from your engine could be a sign that the alternator is failing, particularly if coupled with oddly behaving electronics. Alternators have rotating parts that can make noises when they are failing.

If you suspect any of these issues with your car, pop in to see us at Eurosparx. We can do some quick checks on your car to let you know if your alternator is faulty and we also do alternator repairs from our workshop in Avondale.