Air Conditioning

Now Is The Time To Get Your Car’s Air Conditioning Sorted!

Summer is here and whether you commute to work or are going to a weekend getaway, driving without the air conditioning will be awful.

The temperature inside the cabin in the summer heat can rise up to 60°C. So you need to get the air conditioning system regassed or serviced before the full force of summer kicks in!

Over time, AC systems need to be regassed due to some of the refrigerant gas escaping. If you want it to perform at its full capacity and it would be a good idea to get your AC system checked just before summer.

Get Your Car's Air Conditioning Ready for Summer

We at Eurosparx are here to ensure your car’s air conditioning is working for summer. We offer all auto air conditioning services from our Avondale workshop including:

  • Regassing – We will recharge your AC system with the right amount of refrigerant gas to gain maximum cooling performance
  • Servicing – We will perform other maintenance on your air conditioning system to ensure it’s correct operation
  • Repairs – If there is a fault with your air conditioning system, we will diagnose and repair it to ensure you have cool air for the summer.

Contact us now to get your car’s air conditioning sorted by calling 09 218 7789 or emailing .