Reversing Cameras

The Cost of Not Having a Reversing Camera on Your Vehicle

Reversing cameras are not new tech and have been around for years. Surprisingly however, a great number of vehicles still don’t have reversing cameras installed. And we don’t mean old or classic cars, we’re talking about modern vehicles that are only a few years old.

A lot of new cars these days come with reversing cameras, but many vehicles still don’t. While this may not be a huge deal for a normal small car (even though they are a big help), large vehicles such as trucks and caravans really benefit from having a reversing camera installed.

Reversing Cameras Auckland

What is the use of a reversing camera?

The main point of a reversing camera is to allow you to see what is behind the vehicle which you would not otherwise be able to see from the driver’s seat. It’s main job is to eliminate blind spots and help you ensure there are no objects in the way as you reverse. This is particularly useful for vehicles which have little or no rear viability.

So what are the costs of not having a reversing camera?

A reversing camera eliminates a great deal of risk when you are reversing. Obviously it can prevent backing into a small post, mailbox or other low object which can cause damage and cost you literal dollars.

However, it can also help prevent other instances such as the possibility of hitting a person, especially a child which may not be tall enough to see through the rear windscreen.

Having a reversing camera will help to prevent these situations for occurring and will literally save you money since you won’t have to pay to fix the damage, let alone preventing anything else mentioned above.

Since reversing cameras are not very expensive and are comparable to having a stereo installed, there really isn’t much reason not to get one.

We at Eurosparx supply and install reversing cameras for cars and larger vehicles such as trucks and campervans. If you’d like to get one for you vehicle, get in contact with us now by calling 09 218 7789 or emailing