Auto Electrical

What Can An Auto Electrician Fix?

If you are having issues with your car, you may be asking whether you should go to a mechanic or an auto electrician. While some of the work overlaps, auto electricians and mechanics do different jobs. Here we will explain what an auto electrician can fix on your vehicle.

What Can An Auto Electrician Fix?

You could categories the parts of a car into two sections, the mechanical parts and the electrical components. The mechanical parts are things like the engine, transmission and suspension, which involve physical moving parts which work together to make the car move. When these break, you can usually see and hear the problem, and they need to be physically repaired or replaced. This is usually the job of a mechanic.

Auto electrical work, on the other hand, requires working with the electrical components of the car which control the mechanical parts. Electrical systems are crucial components on cars, especially modern vehicles which have sensors and computers for practically everything. Working with the electrical system on the vehicle typically requires a different skillset to a mechanic, as the job usually involves getting into the computer by scanning it with a diagnostic tool, and then diagnosing the problem.

While many mechanics will be able to do a diagnostic scan, if the problem is an electrical one, such as the engine control unit (ECU) is having issues, or the alternator needs rebuilding, this job is usually done by an auto electrician.

How you can differentiate whether you need a mechanic or auto electrician is this:

  • If the problem is a noise, such as a banging, grinding or screeching, or you can visually see something is broken, this is usually a job for a mechanic
  • If the issue is something such as a check engine light, electrics are playing up, the car won’t even turn over when you go to start it, this is probably a job for an auto electrician.

Auto electricians will usually be able to help you with any work that requires dealing with electrical components, which includes installation of electrical parts and accessories like alarms, reversing cameras, stereos and more. They can carry out repairs such as broken wiring looms, troubleshooting and replacing faulty electrical components and fixing things like lights not working. They can help with replacing your battery, and most auto electricians also offer air conditioning services.

If you are having electrical issues with your vehicle, we at Eurosparx specialise in all auto electrical repairs. Speak to us today to get your car sorted!