iDrive Throttle Controller

What Is The iDrive EVC Throttle Controller and How Can It Improve Your Vehicle?

An iDrive throttle controller is one of the most simple upgrades you can make to your car and immediately see the benefits and improvement in acceleration and throttle response.

iDrive EVC Throttle Controllers Auckland

The EVC Throttle Controller, formerly known as iDrive, is plug and play controller that gives you more control over the vehicle and enhances the way it drives. It does this by sharpening or dampening your throttle curve and provides your pedal mapping with new points of reference.

Sharpening your throttle curve reduces throttle lag, changes how the torque is delivered to the wheels and improves acceleration, making for perfect throttle response for any situation or driving style.

Increased throttle response means that you will be able to feel the input of gas pedal and immediately activate your engine without any delay in power before accelerating.

EVC doesn’t interfere with the car’s electronic system, it only monitors and changes the signal that helps you control your cars power output.

The throttle controller can improve fuel efficiency and at the same time makes driving more fun. You will experience great control over vehicle throttle sensitivity as well as speed and horsepower.

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