New Car Batteries in West Auckland for All Models - European & Japanese

Hella & VARTA batteries for all vehicles - Pick up your new battery from our Avondale storefront.

Never get stuck with a flat battery again – Upgrade to a high quality replacement today.

Providing an extensive range of high quality Hella Endurant and VARTA batteries at super-competitive prices, we can provide the battery you need no matter what car it might be for.

Run-about Toyota?

Luxury European limosine?

No problems!
We have the right battery for your vehicle. And to sweeten the deal, you can expect an excellent price.

We are proud to be part on the Battery Town network which allows us to provide a very extensive range of batteries to over all car models.

Hella Endurant and VARTA are both top of the line battery brands which are guaranteed (with a 2 year warranty) to keep working faultlessly. When it comes to batteries, you don’t really want to skimp out and get a poor quality one which could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.

Hella Endurant Car Batteries West Auckland
Varta Car Batteries West Auckland

Get a quality car battery from us which you know will work every time you turn the key (or press the start button like in the newer cars) and continue to do so for years to come.

We stock batteries for:

– A huge range of Japanese and European cars including Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen and more!

– Passenger & Light Commercial Vehicles

– Heavy Commercial Vehicles

– Tractors, Machinery , Lawn & Garden

– Motorcycle, ATV & Jetski

– Marine Starting & Deep Cycle

– Recreational Vehicles

– Standby & Renewable Energy

– Accessories

Our batteries start at $149 incl. GST and come with free installation and a free charging system check to make sure your electrical system is working correctly so that you won’t get a flat battery any time soon!

Here are some of our most popular batteries:

Hella Endurant NS40 Car battery

Hella Endurant NS40 - 330CCA

$165.00 incl GST

Hella Endurant NS60 Car Battery

Hella Endurant NS60 - 430CCA

$210.00 incl GST

Hella Endurant 55D23L Car Battery

Hella Endurant 55D23L - 550CCA

$240.00 incl GST

Hella Endurant NS70 Car Battery

Hella Endurant NS70 - 600CCA

$270.00 incl GST

Hella Endurant DIN55 Car Battery

Hella Endurant DIN55 - 500CCA

$240.00 incl GST

Hella Endurant DIN63 Car Battery

Hella Endurant DIN63 - 630CCA

$315.00 incl GST

Hella Endurant DIN66 Car Battery

Hella Endurant DIN66 - 680CCA

$315.00 incl GST

Hella Endurant DIN75 Car Battery

Hella Endurant DIN75 - 730CCA

$410.00 incl GST

All Our Batteries Include:

Free Installation and Charging Check

You will get free professional installation and charging system check with every battery purchase to make sure you won’t get a flat battery any time soon!

Nationwide Warranty

All Hella Endurant Batteries come with a 24 month Nationwide warranty from date of purchase, so you don’t have to worry about your battery for a full 2 years!


Not sure which battery you need? Give us a call or pop in to see us and we will tell you exactly what battery will work best for your requirements.

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