Car Batteries

Why It’s a Good Idea to Buy a New Car Battery Instead of a Used One

Whenever we need to buy a replacement for a part that has failed it can be very tempting to go for the cheap option to save some money. However, when it comes to car batteries, here are a couple of reasons why buying a used one may not be such a good idea.

Why You Should Buy a New Car BatteryThe first and biggest reason is that you will never know exactly how good the used battery is. There are some tests that can be done to give you a general idea, but many times these tests can say a battery is good when it isn’t. Even if the test was right, you don’t know how much longer the battery will last.

Car battery health depends on so many different factors and you just don’t know how it was treated. So even if the battery is good now, it could only last a couple of weeks, and then you are back to square one. And with used batteries there usually isn’t a warranty.

When you buy a new car battery, you get a battery that you know is in perfect condition and you get warranty, which means if it does develop a fault, you can return it for a brand new replacement. Sure, you might spend a little bit more initially, but you can be sure that your car will start every time you turn the key, and you won’t get stranded in the middle of nowhere at night because of a faulty old battery (you’ll wish you spent the little bit extra then!).

If you need to get a replacement battery for your car, get in contact with us today. We sell Hella and VARTA batteries which are top of the line, come with a 2 year warranty and free installation. We also will perform a free charging system check to ensure your car’s electrical system is working as it should.